Arketyp Sans typeface specimen

Arketyp Sans

Sans Serif

Examples of websites using Arketyp Sans typeface. Arketyp Sans was designed keeping in mind the legibility factor, even at really small sizes on screen. This typeface has a standard set of tabular lining numbers that help in alignment in data sheets, making it an ideal choice for professionals who deal with data. The font's inspiration comes from old ink traps that existed to prevent letters from getting blotted in small sizes. While printing presses used ink traps, screens use pixels, and the situation becomes complicated with hinting in small sizes, different screen resolutions, hinting software, and various browsers. Space has been added for the most sensitive parts of the letters, which helps in hinting and ultimately results in more legible content. The typeface's design and pixel-perfect execution make it the go-to choice for web design and other digital applications, where clarity and readability are of utmost importance.

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