Arketyp Serif


Examples of websites using Arketyp Serif typeface. Arketyp Serif was designed with the goal of creating a web-optimized Serif font that still retained the graceful qualities of 16th-century Serifs. It consists of one weight with two optical sizes for improved legibility. This typeface was inspired by sacred geometry, which was used to construct Cathedrals and Temples and involved the use of a compass and straight edge. In the 15th and 16th centuries, many typographers and artists like Felice Feliciano, Luca Pacioli, Johann Neudörffer, and Albrecht Dürer created their own alphabets that drew upon these old geometric principles and philosophies. Arketyp Serif is a modern Serif font that is functional both in large and small sizes, but its soul is rooted in medieval times and the old geometric concepts of the past.

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Arketyp Serif font pairings