50 Underrated fonts ebook

50 new font gems ready to use for you next project

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  • Discover 50 lesser-known great fonts
  • Each font include previews
  • Save hours of research
  • Support MaxiBestof

Questions & Answers

  • When will it be available?
    It'll be available by the end of the year
  • Can you send me an invoice?
    Yes. In the order confirmation email, you'll get an an invoice automatically.
  • Is this really worth $39?
    I’ve spent ten of hours looking for great fonts that are not overrused. $39 likely represents one or two hours of your time billing a client. If this pack saves you more than an hour (I'm confident it will), this is a positive return on investment.
  • What if I have other questions?
    Send me a DM on Twitter. Or you can send me an email at bertrand at maxibestof.one. I’m here for you.

About the author

Bertrand Bruandet
I’m a designer based in Paris and worked at agencies, startups and runed my own design studio.
For the past 9 years, I have been building MaxiBestOf and curating the best websites & fonts that inspired millions of designers.
I always been a font lover and deeply convinced that choosing a good font is 90% of the work
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